Welcome to
New Bern Business Referral Network

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Welcome to
New Bern Business Referral Network

New Bern Business Referral Network is made up of local businesses of high integrity representing different fields of endeavor that are limited to only one member from each field of business. Consumers, businesses and members benefit by connecting with one another.

If you are not a member of New Bern Business Referral Network, and you were directed to this site by a member, or if you found it on your own, you will quickly see the benefits we are providing to the local community. Whether you’re looking for a great real estate agent, a fitness center, or almost anything else, you have found the right resource to an elite group of businesses. In addition to consumer-based businesses, many members of the organization specialize in business-to-business services that support other’s businesses.

Find out all the ways you can benefit from becoming a member of the New Bern Business Referral Network.

Let us introduce you to our amazing members.

We are Loved ♥️ by our Trusted Clients

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Firat Hicks
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Jessica Morrison
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Why Choose Us?

Join a group of friendly local small business owners and entrepreneurs in our New Bern community.


Networking & Social Events

We hold bi-weekly meetings and theme-base networking events for our members to meet and know each other.


B2B Referrals

We encourage our members to make knowledgeable referrals to each other’s businesses.

Resonable Membership Fees

Our membership fee is only $100 per year.


Social Events & Public Speaking Oppotunities

Members are encouraged to attend meetings and give presentations about their businesses.


Marketing Oppotunities

All members are listed on NBBRN’s website and member’s contact information appears on all printed materials.
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