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New Bern Social and networking events (21)
New Bern Social and networking events (17)
New Bern Social and networking events (17)
New Bern Social and networking events (17)

Our History

What is New Bern Business Referral Network (NBBRN)?

New Bern Business Referral Network was founded in 2008 by a group of business professionals. The purpose of the organization is to provide a regular forum for members to promote their businesses by building relationships through the exchange of good, qualified leads and referrals. Membership is made up of individuals of high integrity representing different fields of endeavor that are limited to only one member from each field of business. The friendships formed among members create “power partners” with a goal to become a collectively powerful sales force for one another.

Membership Benefits

Why should I join NBBRN?

If you are not a member of New Bern Business Referral Network, and you were directed to this site by a member, or if you found it on your own, you will quickly see the benefits we are providing to the local community. Whether you’re looking for a great real estate agent, a fitness center, or almost anything else, you have found the right resource to an elite group of businesses. In addition to consumer based businesses, many members of the organization specialize in business-to-business services that support other’s businesses (visit our directory to see a complete listing of members that are highlighted with details of how they can serve your needs).

As well as creating professional and personal friendships, the primary benefit is giving and receiving referrals from each other. In today’s economy it is more important than ever to network with everyone you come in contact with. Every contact is a potential resource for customers – sharing referrals is the Referral Network’s focus. At bi-weekly meetings everyone has the opportunity to briefly share information about his or her business with one another. Frequently, there is a scheduled speaker sharing information about ways to help small businesses and to update members on current events relative to the group. In addition to the bi-weekly meetings, there are several social events on the calendar throughout the year. Our objective is to get to know each other’s businesses so we can make knowledgeable referrals to them. All members are listed on NBBRN’s website and member’s contact information appears on all printed materials.

If you are interested in joining New Bern Business Referral Network and want to take advantage of networking with community members, we welcome you to attend one of our bi-weekly meetings. If you have questions about joining contact us at

Our Process

How to join New Bern Business Referral Network?

Whether you are referred to the NBBRN by a current member, or have found us on your own, it only takes a few steps to join the group

Step 1

The standing president will begin the process by ensuring your membership doesn’t result in a conflict of interest with a current member.


Step 2

Once this step is complete, you will be notified after seven days if you may attend the next meeting.


Step 3

From there, you must attend three meetings within a 3-month period, conduct a 15-minute presentation by your second or third meeting, and complete an application plus pay a $100 fee to join and a yearly fee of $100.


Step 4

Upon completion of these three requirements, the membership will vote to approve new members. If approved, you will become an official member of the New Bern Business Referral Network.

Meet our Fantastic Team

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Nayan Robert

Creative Director

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Product Manager

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Customer Support

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Aritcle Writer